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As the pandemic appears to be fading only slightly and the European Commission is only starting cautiously lifting of borders and travel restrictions, the need for multilingual translators (translation services) is expected to increase further rapidly during this decade.

Despite global social distancing and the dramatic decline it has brought to interpersonal communication, communication in the digital space appears to be thriving as more and more businesses turn their focus to virtual conferencing. This particularly and mainly concerns international B2B communication, which inevitably involves documentation and in turn stimulates a considerable demand for interpreters in the near future.

Perhaps the first in line seem to be the medical translators. During difficult times of the coronavirus pandemic, independent language specialists with a particular focus on health have become a popular profession.

While this clearly demonstrates the rise of translation jobs, freelancers are likely to be exposed to a choice problem, as a number of companies are sure to hire hundreds and thousands of new talent. So if you fancy being a great interpreter looking for some extra cash or are planning to become one, don’t hesitate and apply to the best translation companies in the world.

To help independent professionals …

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