VSDC Video Editor Tutorial 3.1 Version

Hello, Youtube this is Oliver.
again bring you back a
a newer edition of VSDC
free video editing now this is gonna be the
The older video was 3.1
so it differently and a lot of things newer to this video editor
there was an apart up the old one so lets open your project
was called could be for projects gonna leave the resolution
as defaults as full 1080P
1920 was gonna be there width 1080 is going to be height
Frame rate we are going to keep at 30 frames
a lot of things a shot at 29.97 or 30 frames
well if you go digital with with go pros
at everything shot at 30 frames or now digital SLR are
being what being able to shoot and 60 frames so
So you can choose 30 or 60 whatever you desire
but 30 is is default and frequency in
channels economy pertaining to the audio 44.1
killer it’s gonna be pretty
standard for miles on DL and stereos gonna be
your left and right audio channels
so brokerages it important videos the rest a bit
I’m not gonna cover just because out its
would make this video to link the
cell its import a few GoPro
videos I L that air oren on
last summer so
few issue all your videos are edited already in splicing you see two
at transitions then this would be the spy
with you want to be a this is going to be called the file sequence was a
is where you at all your videos the the contract care transitions between
videos and I’m new at it you explore your project so
we need to
kind slices videos for I wanna
protects all round I want but audio or video I wanna put
arms video over video
army like a reaction videos so as a few things that I wanna do
for I transitions and before export the files
so I’m gonna at a place settings cuz I wanna answer
at the Transitions yet and your car
with a few things here and a top you’ll see project at
this way he say open project seems very at different seemed
basically more videos tears files at it is going to be
doing the deal final
here image your music
here are you text you overlaying any
anything like that you is going to be viewing your
project explore objects or property wait till
and resource Lindo on
and then this will ensure your your tool panels as well
editor is going to be editing a video adding affects
attic the new facts adding object overlay bring up that was it again
and export project is obvious exporting
conversion is going to be how long it takes to convert the file
and tools going to be converting a video
I’ll or actually importing video
helping import video or treatment for it to It s
cell we’re just gonna go back to the editor tab
and actually that you care see if you don’t have all these
clicked on your window all
look like this a look at D so I’m going to churn
actually think that they have quiet through windows
you know are your see
your side explorers in your property went up so on the left side all actually
well we r opted to explore this tells you
I have three videos I imported imported to this project
if he see down here you see a couple tabs just keep projects for
this is going to be basic
basically the overlooking your objects
Flores gonna be like overlooking year racine 0 which is going to be
those three videos you import if you double-click the scene 0
well actually just a kitty take you to your exploratorium Kevin Ching and
show you that you had three videos imported the right hand side you have
you researched window
its kinda the same thing except
you can’t click and drag you
your up to explore tells you what you have as far as the fax
your resource when does actually
are the that video files image file cell files
animation files the have with the project and
you also to taps out here on the right hand side the other property tablets
gonna tell you
all everything about the video I’ll
so well we’ll be using the car
it with a lot so will get it’s that align
down here a pic on this
the time line hold on
here to thailand is going to be where everything
happens saying I have a demands it now
it’s going to be setting your time I’m scale which its gonna make
I’ll seconds longer or shorter
so basically I can see from 10 seconds
to two minutes and 25 seconds and let’s say I wanna
see from zero second suspect seconds by scrolling here
keep scrolling
I can see from 0 seconds
no just keeps going we’ll be more
now I can see from 0 seconds
to six seconds
Sophie’s room in our way this is gonna get tighter and tighter and tighter
and on and you can see
you can actually be more precise as far as frame
like if you wanna cut-rate this frame or gonna cut at this
particular mill second then you can do that I’m just gonna keep it
all the ways in doubt you preview it
gonna give you a preview of all your videos include tear
animation includes your video %uh your images on top
shared visions and this will move the bike frame
by second and then
by clip beginning or ending
assault arm say it work
area position and and your work area position
and that so move your cursor from
from where you have it aligned what these
markers where
gonna I’ll I mean weekend will it will be using these
but not until later into the cuts place everything so it seems 0 you can see on
the town and if you click
spray in your a new time line
thing then you can annual bring up sprite
sprite one tab you click that and you’ll see all 3 videos and imported
right here in your time I’m you’ll see all 33 is an important
now let’s say we want to cut the first five seconds into the video cut the last
4 seconds of the video
so I would too click this
first on video and on the right hand side just the property when
this going to tell you how big the
video is and that’s going to match what we initially we have the 1920 by 1080
we have first I’ll let me tell you what the court it stars
if you it’s a set the same size as parents a few
have to click the video I know all the UK could
video aligned back to the black rectangle
you have the rights inside said the same a spare
of you right click it no yep set same stairs
bears a couple ways doing in
it will tell you the object creation time which means where does this clip
lie on
the the time line sheesh kiddish
they object to racial tell you how long the video clip is so
36 seconds .0 33 seconds
and tells you tells you how many frames is a lot different
know if you wanna talk to carry yes you can’t move that
on can move it guess I don’t know why it’s there
lot repair duration: change last reimposition when the parent will be
changed so this that is now
I don’t know what that is sets the Regional Science the original size is
actually a 720 P
on that cutting slicing crop orders means if you wanna cry are
or arm make this change us down
and any to look like that we don’t want to look like that
and then playback speed you can have a plane
whatever speed you are you can add too many times
speed or are twice the speed you have slowdown
have stretches video I write these things are probably not mess left by
you are so something down on to 50 percent
speed I’ll night change in duration you can see the duration actually
gets longer obviously yelled
dish slowing it down on
analysts expect a hundred so if you do wanna have some sex on a Russian accent
in the video this go onto the property when does
and playback settings you know how
you can also have it have a clue played backwards if you are
in the back row color you can have the Phil
like that if I move the video the fill color is actually black
so if you want that a different color you’re probably you won’t see it because
are video where but you can change the color
up background
homes I’m not sure why such a member
anyways set the same its occurrence
rights and and iris that we want to cut slice on the way inside
SE cutting and slicing about halfway down
are 10 cunts lines and so you wanna
cut the first five seconds asserts the selection
the same thing a place here eros
because by of rain caused by a second goes by at the club
so we wanna go by second it’s going to be that second
I’ll first for a row too fast for Darrell’s
1234 5
way and dislikes and and at the area of Philly
so we deleted 0 seconds 25 seconds
we wanna to lead the last four seconds
when a girl the undeclared here
and delete last 4 seconds we’re going to go back for seconds
rewind double cursor
double arrow 12 3 for starts
selection and then we’re gonna and selection at the that would include
you know is that you can always elites
the middle section if you are leaving delete whatever you are
the chef second worries that are more
are you messed up
you want to move that remove that you just said so it’s Lexion
play the clip or you can even do it by trained
and then you can and the selection
and then add the area deleting if you decided
all should I didn’t want to cut that you can always do removing area to leaving
or restore each other either those does the same thing
it restores the cut regions that you
you cut cell I’m in the older version you just
cut region I’ll at stand here the cut areas but anyways we we
we changed well you are on what you’ve done
cutting splicing doing we need I
changes and I’ll say duration: those source video
has been changed he wants change the duration the video options
yes it is change we cut out nine seconds
at the church clerk we want the aligned blocks
bikers are so we go to the
and the clip here
buyouts that said
lock orders so you wanna set these blocks away on it control
and click on
all the all video clips online
set clock order setting block order
stacks the video clip so they play continuous
so we don’t have a gap the biggest thing
to to overlook is right down here
on the time line is if you look at the layers tear
this way a row down here well actually tell you how long the duration of the
whole video its
the whole video was when we needed it cut that nine seconds out was two
minutes and 14 seconds
but now we cut out night second so I’ll have nine seconds is
I’ll I’ll black video at the end of the video
so we just have
we just a reminder I’ll black screen to change their
you know that this white a right here
we click and drag that all the weight
back to the to the add to the clerk now we all have that
now you all have night sector blackberry
at the end I’ll
so yeah he always wondering if you have time five minutes a video on 10
its 10 minutes long Eric hi wiser in all five minutes 0
ok let’s black screen at the end it’s there
that dang where there are does actually follows at the end of quote that he
the change it around then it answer changing that the whole clip
the whole time a video okay so we can slice the second meal let’s say we like
place the first I’ll you get you get the idea of cutting slicing
let’s say we want it to you at audio or were at the
last video so if you look at
the property window on the right hand side
you’ll see yes he audio track at the bottom no
the for the sing at the bottom and up
the audio the audio following me to actually change you can actually
at gain or lower game depending on I’ll
at the first video that was loud you can always set the game down of the last
clinton sought you can
you any add gainer TV decibels
tear the audio track and but well we don’t want
Rd on the last that they wanna put up we don’t want
audio from this video to be a on we want the audio
from a us all but say
so audio track we don’t want to use so
it is now muted
it is now gone and now we want to add
a sound clip cell where
on the left hand side the that
the window here
you see towards the bottom images
at sound at video well at sound
its run at econ
when you do
from you can do it from Chris a position you can do it from being a scene
when you do from the beginning at sea that’s going to be at the beginning
video what’s home loans
class clip you see on the inside is
one minutes 6 seconds so we’re gonna make this
are audio clip
minutes 6 seconds so I clicking the
the audio all on the inside
ill C cutting and slicing you can have this text boxes
very similar to adding
feels but at same time its not
because your summit in six second straight here
so this is this gets candid interesting to see
you get the blue cursor at the beginning in a few
mark this election answered writing this
sent the selection and
you get this Dell Aero and start
click and drag this that is your selection
I’ll inserting selection and selection
I couldn’t get to work only I only could get it to work with these are
the red brackets archer
not sure why that is you can always
and zoom in you know actually
give you more %uh accurate depiction
are time-line anymore that by
my friend you need it to be
accurate so we’re gonna cut this region
announcement and
from six seconds
selection I it’s on the whole thing it’s a man in six seconds
I changes and if that was a run selection you can always restore
region and then cut again we
don’t want don’t need say acquiring
see yes wanna chill
your age
and put on top because that and now we have audio
I’ll atop this video clip
America preview
or lay here at the song I don’t want copyright infringements
all that stuff okay so we
so we const place everything we we needed me at
sound all right now we want it now on at transitions
lights and transitions we’re gonna go to editor
I’m stop there and so before you
edit anything are issue click
on the clip that you need to know
add video sex you you have double click the video
or issue if we see when it clicked the different videos
it changes tab over time line and this
this is actually the vehicle itself I’ll
if I double click it its it goes that out
so once you double click your video
club that you wanna add the video sexy you
now you can add your email fax directly to the
to the video so let’s add transparency was at saint
so we’re going to do from the beginning same when to let it fade and for five
seconds for
the fayed in a it is all black for a preview
intensive training and
and if you wanna an
video fax special facts
oh yeah only that like that water way to do it
from Curse position and we want the duration to be
I’ll five seconds okay
add another layer with seawater with a preview it
I’ll look at that water
fact that’s so Lexus its
so petty
arm okay
same line at another video fact
safe filter we want to add noise
when I actually occurs position right here whether
with the red line as that’s that’s always occurs
cursor position wanna do five-second duration of that as well
3 okay add another layer
okay so let’s say we want to add
a say no chains transparency
are was knowledge that’s it let that a transition not that
questions and when at its the end is seen
the duration is five seconds traditional keep you there
and to add another layer push
transitional//en preview it their ears
over a
looks good so actually it done
adding transitions each one of these clips you can double-click any
and their you different transitions film let’s say you want
at texts over this clip you want happy birthday
so I’ll be good at it object
was going to be a text box radu from the cursor position
let’s duration: let’s say we wanna put the duration
a bit or 10 seconds
or in your local workers position which is that red-line okay
that’s going to give us is cross their
was gonna letters click and drag to see how big your text accidents
and that’s going to be where taxes ally
as 10 seconds you can see it starts above
the second clip if you right click
the text box sorry you have to you
selected text box on the timelines right click it
EditText expect
of tend to be purchased risk
Oct against exploration okay
but happy birthday is really small
arm and how to change that well property when does
if you click that or right click and
properties over at the property window and I’ll
are left and array inside all say tax
Saturday and then text fonts
if you clicked extrano much you’ll see that little box that that data
well have more options so let’s make it bold
underlined and let’s make that
fun title are she sighs
something crazy ridiculous a big so we’re going to make this text box
all along here so we can actually put this on the bottom track it there
but we don’t want to be white we want to text going to be
light green line greens on the inside text color
issue that more options lying green
it okay and high-speed you that
is that transition
happy birthday
whirl well and then it goes away okay
the final thing if you are like mark a flyer
and she’s arm and you want to do their reaction video we have two cameras going
at once
and you wanna add that the farms
smaller video the bottom right hand side the society do it
okay it’s important the
video it’s on the left hand side of this on
year screen in have
at video edited GoPro
video nada cursor position
and so once you add a video
will are let you choose a size cell
dark secret science you can always change the size but just
clicking and dragging making a bigger I wanna put
my face on the bottle left hand corner
3 and
if this clip at the top happens to go to the bottom
you won’t be able to see the fourth clip SS
fourth clip is underneath orkut you won’t be able to see a
I should I should be right here
at the bottom left but I’m not if you right click
the last that the one overland their club you move it up on
I’ll air and I’ll there I am
up to task rollback
preview then this is how you at your
reaction video the bottom line other area
and now you can see that
two videos are playing at once
have music playing over this
that’s another you you get the idea and so if you want
and arm with this video
that’s it from me here if you wanna
the the video that’s overlaid on
and no somos earlier to the audio
audio volume dust bowls if you wanna make the gameplay
arm quieter should be
the this this you while I’ll make the
me or com called or video file quieter than you just
I’ll for the decibels down Lauren understand decibels to the video
and then you can obviously preview and see how it sounds that there’s
if you’re at the gameplay is is
to allow then you voice and obviously should tear it down
but on I think that’s about it
that so that’s pretty good as far as what
most people need editing suffer for
so we add we added transitions we added
a affects I guess we can at
lunch video objects you are if you wanna like rectangles
to the video your dad
rectangles gonna add
other objects like asked lips seconds
click and drag with crosshairs
and I am an ellipse preview night
not sure way to put that in there may be for
a not a lie attend their says careers
you can you can add objects you could
animation I don’t know how to actually do animations
I tried playing around with it for a little while but I just couldn’t
understand itself but on
but yeah I should just give you a basic understanding of how to cut and splice
hannukah transitions and but some a special effects neck
I know it’s not a great program for special thanks
adding text over adding music culture
over into orbit and even adding video overlay on top of other videos
cell of hope this helped you
are as far as video editing I
I hope this is a lot better office more thorough and if you have any questions
clean please leave them in the comments below and
and since everything is said and done you can explore your video
project on tear
iPhone to a TV IQPC
yup good formats are and movie files
and MKV files those are probably the two most popular files
red on computers and DVD player sup if you thinking about making homemade
and just a recent export as a DVD com
to DVD then no problem but if you just exporting
as Iconia nah strike that I was just do it
and KBR and movie files on so that’s about it
that wraps it up I hope you’ve learned a lot from this
I hope this tutorial a lot better than first tutorial other
Lee put links down inscription I’ll are
where you can download this I’ll 3.2 1.0 point
5 for sry I believe 5
354 there we go 354
alright if you have any questions
shipment and the on comments below
on oscillating see you

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