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Are you a small e-commerce company or a large enterprise with complicated work processes? No matter what you do, it’s high time to automate all processes and increase sales productivity using smart sales management software.

Sales Management Software


Bpm’online is one of the best sales management software which provides users with end-to-end sales tools to manage sales processes effectively. The product consists of three editions for a particular business model. Team edition has been developed for small and mid-sized businesses with direct sales tools. Commerce is a suitable choice for e-commerce industry. Enterprise edition perfectly suits large businesses with multiple sales channels. The system offers various tools for lead management, product management, document flow automation, mobile sales, etc. Employees can easily manage orders and payment schedules, classify them by type, track the current status and view history. All order proceedings may be monitored in a single window. Sales forecasting tools enable to track progress and plan sales by employees, accounts or industries. Give it a try at

Bpm'online Sales Management Software


Using SalesNOW online sales software, companies will be able to take their sales performance to the next level. Managers can view the whole sales pipeline from one place and track the status of any deal. Plan your day with automatic record of call logs and geo-mapping capabilities. With this system, it is very easy to assign and reassign leads and tasks to team members and monitor them. Team security structure and graphical dashboard reports allow viewing the deals of each employee. Analytic tools help to arrange data by type, deal stage and other custom fields. The system is easily integrated with the existing platforms. Grow your sales with



If a company uses Highrise or Salesforce, the system provides seamless integration with all contacts’ data. It’s additional software for sales management which extracts all information from email signatures and keeps it up-to-date automatically. The system includes three editions: Essentials, Business and Enterprise depending on a package of tools. Users can also share team contacts and centralize them directly to CRM or CSV files. A free trial version is available at

Evercontact Sales Management Software


The platform’s two editions, WeOpportunity and WeEstimate, are created to manage leads and sales processes. The sales software tracks sales stages, provides automated sales approvals, monitors pricing and invoices and eases work with contract documents. Its custom database and drag-and-drop tools help to create detailed leads as well as collect, update and select the required information quickly and easily. Lead summary is emailed to sales managers. All tasks and projects may be split among several team members, offices and regions. Intuitive and easy to use dashboards help to analyze the deal status, real time sales and lead source. Make your business strong with



Since 2003, the provider offers configurable sales management systems for small businesses. All information on accounts and contacts is well organized and structured so that users can work on the same page. Workflow tools setup activities automatically to support various processes and send notification emails. Report Scheduler tool sends urgent reports and alerts. Reporting tools collect information and monitor sales funnels, territory productions, case bottlenecks and other relevant data. Users will enjoy Gmail mailbox integration, 15,000 free emails per month, automated follow-ups and free iPhone app. Find out more about its features at



Commence offers Sales Enablement Program which streamlines the internal processes, tracks each lead and manages the entire sales cycle. The sales team will have a wide range of tools to interact with clients and get access to all sales activity and analysis. The system maintains sales cycle history so no information is missed. With this sales management software, users can schedule appointments, activities and make to-do lists. Built-in powerful reporting tools provide custom analytical reporting. Lead management system imports leads from different resources, create lead categories and assign them immediately. Thanks to Commence mobile CRM, users access data anytime and anywhere.  Visit to learn more about the system’s opportunities.

Commence Sales Management Software


Clari is one of the best software for sales management due to its powerful analytic tools. The platform provides managers with detailed pipeline inspection and improves forecast accuracy. Its performance indicators enable to monitor the results every day, week or quarter. Workflow analytic tools help to choose the right tactics to close more deals. They also show which deals need some extra guidance. Thanks to Clari software sales executives can coordinate the work of team members and territories and concentrate on top deals. Users can build repeatable sales based on best practices. Find out more and request a demo version at

Clari Sales Management Software


With its three editions, Scorecard, Contestengine and Channel11, this platform helps to drive revenue and create a culture of performance. The system’s tools enable to manage day-to-day sales processes, define key sales activities and focus on what matters. It’s fully customizable to fit a particular team. Managers will be able to achieve goals faster with its metrics and reporting tools. Moreover, the system has a central hub for coaching to boost productivity within a sales department. Performance Index allows to see a manager’s individual performance. Have a look at a product tour of this sales management software at


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