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bpmonline Business Process Software

Bpm’online is one of the leading BPM software vendors that combines sales, marketing and customer service products on a single platform. Its powerful engine helps companies to manage a full lifecycle of the most complicated business processes. The system offers easy customization, integration with other CRM systems, open configuration and various deployment options. BMP designer allows users to perform, adjust and monitor processes of any complexity. The system’s reporting tools and dashboards create a detailed analysis with a few clicks. Streamline your business processes with https://www.bpmonline.com/bpm-software.



The workflow software includes a number of solutions for human resources, marketing, IT and other departments of a company. It has an extensive box of tools for creating forms, diagrams and databases. The software integrates with other solutions like CRM systems, databases, business intelligence software and Google Apps. Its interface helps to model and alter workflows, projects and tasks. All processes are driven through automated notifications and calendars. Team members can easily improve their performance using metrics and dashboards that help to discover process bottlenecks and disadvantages. Accelerate business transformation with https://www.processmaker.com/.

Priority Matrix


This platform was created to help leaders quickly identify the most crucial business points, see the overall picture using the master list of all projects and never lose tasks. The system’s accurate reports enable to get instant, weekly or time-specific reports to track the status of processes. In addition to standard management tools, the software has its own templates like pick model matrix, effort impact matrix or gap analysis matrix to make the performance faster and easier. All data is fully secured and protected due to regular backups, restricted access and encryption. If you are ready to get started, visit https://appfluence.com/.



The primary goal of the platform is to provide high-end technology and tools for monitoring business processes through diagrams and process modeling. The business library allows creating and monitoring cycle processes, costing, planning, etc. The BPM software has conversion tools if a user wishes to adjust his models. Innovative BPMN process stepper eases the whole procedure, and reporting mechanism help to view work performance at once. Download the product folder at http://en.adonis-community.com/welcome/bpmn-2-0/.



Oracle offers a wide range of solutions for financial management, customer experience, process services, compliance management, analytics and other industry applications. Moreover, the system’s database innovations help enterprises to manage and analyze databases. Cloud simplicity, in-depth security and easy migration are the fastest path to efficiency in any industry. Oracle BPS tools respond to changing conditions quickly and offer vertical and horizontal applications for best-in-class performance. Explore modern management with https://www.oracle.com/solutions/index.html.

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator

Zoho is a business process management platform, which enables to create custom application for any user’s need. It helps to collaborate with other team members in real time, make efficient decision with custom reports and automate the whole business process. Users can share their applications with their colleagues and partners, see who changes records, provide access to the relevant data and work away from their desk. Custom dashboards enable to view data at a glance. Zoho may be integrated with PayPal, Salesforce, Google Apps, QuickBooks and other applications. Check out how Zoho Creator software works at https://www.zoho.com/creator/.

PNM Soft

PNM Soft

This business process management system provides solutions for outsourcing, compliance, customer service and other departments. It includes such case management tools as BPM for SharePoint, Cloud BPM, Social BPM and other technologies to speed up business processes. HotChange tool helps to receive visual feedbacks, puts control in the hands of enterprise stakeholders, monitor mobile process management and routes tasks and projects. Social BPM includes the following social collaboration features: a process wall, mobile social interaction, presence management, etc. PNM Soft Cloud makes digital transformation available. Request a demo and find out more about the platform’s solutions at http://www.pnmsoft.com/solutions/.



VersionOne is one of the leading platforms that allows users to accelerate software delivery and increase performance. Lifecycle tool enables team members to strategize, develop and monitor projects. Continuum tool tracks the status of each process helping to visualize and automate changes. Connect tool provides visibility and coordination across different departments or even companies. SAFe includes portfolio, program, team and reporting levels to provide a centralized environment. The system is easy to adopt and integrate with other platforms. Save time, money and resources with https://www.versionone.com/.

Key Features of Business Process Software

When choosing BPM software, entrepreneurs should take into account the following features and mechanisms:

  • Various tools for managing data.
  • User-friendly and simple interface.
  • Web form designer and built-in templates of forms and documents.
  • Automation of routine processes.
  • Powerful search functions.
  • Integration (easy import and export) with other platforms, databases and CRM systems.
  • Easy enforcement of business rules and procedures.
  • Reporting tools for detailed and efficient analysis.
  • Remote access and compatibility with mobile devices.

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