Hunting for a Sales CRM? Keep These 5 Statistics in Mind

Hunting for a Sales CRMCRM is changing the way we’re doing business, for better and hopefully for good. Effective sales are now almost unimaginable without a reliable customer relationship management tool – serving as all-in-one solutions, the best ones empower sales teams to streamline their daily operations and thus increase conversion rates across the board. Investment-wise, there’s hardly a better pick than CRM.

Whether you’re looking for a newer solution, or thinking of employing a sales CRM for the first time, these 5 statistics will help you make the best possible choice.

Stat No. 1: According to Accenture survey, 59% of reps use too many tools

There’s really no need for implementing the best-rated, and most expensive sales management system if it can’t offer you a comprehensive package. A suitable solution is not the one that’s popular, but the one that meets each and every one of your specific needs from a single, centralized platform.

Your sales reps already have enough on their plates, don’t they? They don’t need a solution that will keep them switching from one tab to another, and they certainly don’t need one with an incomplete list of features. Look for CRM that encompasses the entire customer journey, like bpm’online does.

Stat No. 2: Most salespeople spend as little as 35.9% of time on selling

Looking from the practical side, the entire point of employing CRM for sales is to make day-to-day operations faster and easier. In between manual data entry and administrative work, most salespeople have only around 35.9% of their time left for actual selling. That’s far from ideal, isn’t it?

Though every sales CRM automates at least a part of repetitive work, the most powerful ones can put everything from bulk emails and automatic call logging to workflows and reporting on autopilot. If you don’t have to, don’t settle for less than this. Time is always money, and it’s especially so in sales.

Stat No. 3: For 55% of reps, ease of use is CRM’s most important feature

Headlined “11 Terrible CRM Systems for Your Company”, a 2013 article from Forbes enlists 11 amazing CRM solutions that don’t do anything for the companies that employ them simply because these companies don’t spend any time on getting to know their features and how to effectively use them.

In order to make any difference, your CRM has to be incredibly easy to use. Its interface has to be intuitive enough for reps to master it without any support. Implementation, customization, and integrations should be effortless. Both lead capturing and data analysis should be fully automated.

Stat No. 4: 65% of those, who use mobile CRM, achieve their quotas

Another stat says that 81% of sales reps use their CRM tool across multiple devices. In today’s age of limitless connectivity, it’s only natural that sales teams are enabled to do their work on the go. Cloud-based solutions allow them to access the system at any given moment, from wherever they are.

But, being cloud-based is not enough. Along with a desktop CRM, the best vendors offer either mobile-responsive versions of the tool, or convenient mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Only with that kind of a solution, your sales reps will be equipped for ultimate success on the field.

Stat No. 5: Reliable solution + good implementation = 771% ROI

Three years ago, Nucleus Research found that the average return from CRM was $5.60 to $8.71 for every dollar spent. Both the use and the effectiveness of these solutions have significantly increased since, which means that your company might now be looking at a return of investment of 771%.

These numbers are only the best case scenario, of course, but they are not unreachable. As long as the solution you choose can ensure that all of your specific needs will be met, and as long as your sales reps pass the training with flying colors, your chances for CRM-enabled sales growth are excellent.


Look for ease of use, centralization, lead scoring, accurate reporting, customer data analysis, automation, mobile responsiveness and efficient support. If your sales CRM can offer a feature or two more, even better! But, until you make the final decision, keep these 5 statistics in mind.

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