Business Process Management Software That Can Transform Your Business

Business process management software (BPMS) is a tool to automate your work processes. It can help your company to plan your everyday workflow as well as find and eliminate bottlenecks, take control over your business’s costs, make your everyday processes as efficient as possible, and make sure that your employees’ performance reaches its maximum effectiveness.

BPM software, in average, is based on four methodologies: modeling, automation, management, and optimization. Modeling is the stage when your processes get mapped out and measured with respect to time and cost required to execute them. Automation is transition from manual to electronic processes, when all data is gathered in web forms and then passed to/from your existing applications. Managing is the stage where you can gain insight into your business processes in order to run them effectively. And optimization is an important stage, which allows to make your processes more practical, cost-efficient, and flexible.

Top Features of business process management System

How BPM can change your business

Automation and optimization of your business processes alone will not change your business. You need to keep up with the pace of digital operations. Companies should be able to update their workflows, maintain positive customer experience, build data into regular business processes, and deliver services and applications to their clients and staff as quickly as possible. This would be the basis of competitive advantage that your business can gain in an increasingly digitalized world, where BPM tools act as the foundation of the above capabilities.

Modern-day BPM software gives companies and organizations an opportunity to reach beyond simple workflow automation and connect data, people, and processes. Business process management systems establish those connections across lines of business. That results in a situation when end-users get the information they need in the proper context, which makes it easy to enhance decision-making process and improve their operations. All of that makes BPM solutions essential to the company’s success.

3 BPM tools that can take your business to the next level

Bmp’online offers you its product that will streamline your business processes and improve your operational efficiency. This software is the best tool for your company’s processes that deal with marketing, sales, and service. This software has the following features:

Bmp’online Business Process Management Software

  • This business process management platform allows fast change of processes. Since there is no coding and employees are not required to have any special technical skills to change processes, this procedure is very easy. Besides, any testing, modification, or improvement of business processes was also made easy so that your company would stay competitive in ever-changing business environment.
  • This product has a BPM designer built into the system. It is an important tool that allows easy creation, modification, and optimization of any business process. You can design processes with the help of preconfigured elements to work with documents, process data, and carry out many other activities.
  • BPM engine is the heart of this platform. It makes all the needed tools available to the user for a full-fledged process management. Your employees can design, execute, monitor and analyze processes with the help of this feature allowing your company to implement best practices of your industry.

Flokzu is a completely cloud-based BPM system that makes it possible to create your own forms and workflows in order to improve your business efficiency. This company offers the following key features to users:

Flokzu Bmp’online Business Process Management Software

  • This product provides substantial help & support resources. You can develop your own workflows with the help of a complete process library. There are many online tutorials and resources with regard to how to use this tool. Besides, the company’s analysts provide extensive support to users.
  • This business process software is easy to use since no coding required for drawing processes. It is compatible with your legacy systems and automatically identifies bottlenecks and measures your business processes. This product has custom forms for each of your processes.
  • This solution is completely cloud-based and requires no installation. Your custom processes can be modeled and deployed in a short period of time. Besides, the pricing is flexible.
  • You can manage your tasks from any device (tablet, smartphone, PC). All your searches will last only seconds before you find the information you need. Your tasks will arrive in your Inbox. That makes your work even more productive.

Adonis is a 100% web-based BPM solution. The company insists that it comes with a fresher look, and it is easier for users to use it modelling features. Besides, it has excellent collaboration capabilities. This product has the following characteristics:

Adonis Flokzu Bmp’online Business Process Management Software

  • This business process software promises reliable support. The company’s primary goal is to provide a readily understandable notation so that all business users who monitor and manage processes would find this tool easy and practical.
  • This product is fit for all businesses. Besides setting general properties, you can supply additional information that is vital from your company’s perspective. It can be, for instance, execution times or task costs, or anything else.
  • This tool has additional model types that allow users to create process overviews, define places of storage for resources such as roles, documents, or applications and indicate responsibility for tasks.
  • The company promises to have developed business process management software with the help of best-practices that serves the needs of different users and will be suitable for various scenarios within BPM environment.

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