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helpdeskHelp desk software is used by organizations or their departments that specialize on customer support. In this sense, such CRM systems help to serve external customers (clients of the company) or internal customers (its employees), as well as both of them. So, the main task of the software is to enable service desk reps or technicians to keep track of all interactions with customers regarding issues they faced, starting from the application initiated and ending with the issue resolution.

Common Functionality of Help Desk Software

Fully functional service desk software should include a searchable customer database and issues tracking system, which provides automation of the troubles resolution process.

Most of the solutions intended for customer support are based on the so-called ticketing system when a trouble ticket is created in the system as a result of interaction with a customer by any means of communication (a Web form, email, phone call, etc.). Tickets contain details about the issue to be considered by a specialist and are assigned an appropriate status depending on the issue resolution stage.

Advanced helpdesk software solutions offer the following functionality:

  • Knowledge management tools which assist its users in fast resolution of issues basing on the experience of the previous resolved incidents.
  • Self-service which allows customers to handle their problem independently via such self-service resources as FAQs, product documentation, forums, user communities and so on.
  • Asset management tools which track changes to system components (both software and hardware) to help IT specialists monitor the work of servers and fix irregularities of the system.
  • Reporting tools which allow managers to control overall helpdesk performance and reps productivity.
  • Remote control which ensures access to a user’s computer for technicians from a remote server in order to resolve an issue without customer involvement.
  • Mobile support which provides users with fully functional access to the helpdesk system via mobile devices.

Benefits of Service Desk Software

Properly implemented and successful operated, help desk systems can facilitate the achievement of the following outcomes:

  • Streamlining of the issue resolution process;
  • Reduce of service costs;
  • Improvement of customer satisfaction;
  • Effective resolution of recurring issues.

Top 5 Help Desk Software

Based on user reviews and software performance details, we made our ranking of the top 5 help desk solutions, which are presented below.

№1 Bpm’online


Bpm’online service is the best choice for companies of any size, which anticipate high-class service delivery through omni-channel communications (including social networks). The solution offers ready-to-use processes based on the best service management practices and allows managing requests, cases, problems, service agreements, configuration items, service assets, contacts, service processes, a knowledge base and other items.

The software has an intuitive and convenient user interface regardless of the device which the system is accessed through.

Thousands of users of bpm’online have already evaluated all the advantages of the solution and provided their positive feedback on it on various business software review websites. However, some buyers indicated that implementation of the system had taken a considerable time when it was necessary to adapt the software for company-specific needs.

№2 Zendesk


Zendesk Support is a popular cloud-based service desk solution which provides a simple, but a very powerful system for managing customer support tickets. Before initiating a ticket, customers can be offered to use a self-service portal or visit an online community.

The software allows deep customization of any workflow and extending customer help desk functionality through multiple applications available.

Zendesk is suitable for all sizes and types of businesses and can be integrated with third-party applications, such as Google Analytics or Salesforce.

The shortcomings of the software are its price, which is higher than that of the same class competitors, and lack of features for some businesses (e.g. for B2B companies).

№3 FreshDesk


Freshdesk is a cloud-based solution which incorporates multi-channel communications with customers into a centralized user interface, making it’s easy for customer support reps to resolve issue tickets by addressing them to the right service team member.

Owing to automation of multiple processes and built-in game mechanics for support desk reps, the system allows boosting productivity and performance of service teams.

The software also supports creation of self-service portals, community forums and knowledge bases for customers.

As for drawbacks of the application, its users point out the following ones:

  • Inconsistent and unpredictable search engine;
  • Imperfection of the reporting tools (not all metrics are involved in analytics);
  • The user interface is not so convenient.

№4 Samanage


Samanage is a powerful cloud-based solution comprising service desk & IT service management functionalities, so that users can manage both trouble tickets and IT assets.

The system supports mobile devices and integrates with more than a hundred third-party applications, including Salesforce, Google Apps, OneLogin and others.

The minuses of the software reported by its users are as follows:

  • Some navigation problems;
  • Not full customization of the templates;
  • A high price.

№5 Spiceworks


Spiceworks represents a free web-based help desk solution developed primarily for IT specialists.

The system helps IT professionals manage tickets, provide customer support across various channels and track service desk reps performance. Moreover, being an IT-specific application, the software includes the modules which allow monitoring all IT assets and managing entire IT procurement procedure.

As cons of the application, its users basically name not so intuitive interface and lack of some functions typical to help desk solutions for non-IT businesses.

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