Banking CRM software

Banking customer relationship management (CRM) is a way to manage the relationships with all the customers and employees. It helps organize and control all the workflow on a digital bank CRM platform. Thus it provides out-of-the-box functionality and enables business social integration.

The clue to success today lies in orienting from product centric to a customer centric business model. Efficient CRM in banking and financial services provides more reliable support for clients to choose you over your competitors.

Banking CRM software

What is bank CRM software 

This software streamlines customer relationship management. It boosts the banking processes and is suitable for small and medium banks. Its prime importance is building positive relationships with customers. So this tool is responsive to customers’ needs and is able to predict what they may need in the future.

CRM software for banks is designed especially for service-based industry. The software provides for automation, streamlining and consolidation of the customer relationship management. Its main function lies in improving customer retention and boosting referral opportunities. Besides, it can give you a significant return on investment.

Benefits from using Banking CRM

  • single window access for sales and service teams;
  • faster lead conversion;
  • increased customer profitability;
  • corporate banking CRM solution;
  • full collaboration between specialists across regions and product lines;
  • centralized information with the opportunity to store it in a single data warehouse;
  • full view of the customers across regions;
  • satisfied customers.

CRM in banking industry is widely used in today’s customer oriented marketing. Its successful utilization results in increased competitive power of organizations and an increased customers’ loyalty.

Best CRM software in banking


BPM’online CRM is a multichannel financial software suitable for corporate and retail banks. It’s capable of unlocking the potential of any financial institution and establishing reliable relationships with the clients.

This CRM in banking helps evaluate customer satisfaction and has a complete set of options to process data. It unites retail banks and financial institutions helping to manage possible corporate risks that are characteristic for the banking industry.

BPM’online CRM


Main benefits:

  • the agility to continuously optimize business processes;
  • a single application built on a single platform for cross and up-selling;
  • convenient and simple interface that allows for a great user experience across all popular devices;
  • comprehensive set of features (Product management, Agent workplace, Integration capabilities, etc.).

CRM in banking sector is easier and more rewarding with the use of bpm’online. The results proved to be positive by thousands of businesses, which are still using the software in their organizations.


CRMNEXT is a CRM for banks that features a single 360° customer view CRM platform. It uses scalable and fault tolerant technology, which consolidates processes across functions and products. The software is a commutable cloud CRM in banks solution, which is fully customizable and integrates with outside systems automatically. Capabilities of bank systems are interlinked with the provider, who doesn’t require any data relocation.

CRMNEXT is a CRM for banks

Main benefits:

  • turning from ‘fragmented’ to a ‘unified’ system of collated reporting;
  • all leads on a single platform through various channels;
  • saving time to pursue leads via cloud CRM;
  • monitor achievements and pipelines to undertake proactive action.


ORACLE CRM in bank  is used as a Service Suite, which is aimed at sales automation. The system can be customized to accommodate the needs of your business institution. It helps improve sales process consistency and develops a holistic social strategy.

ORACLE CRM in bank

Main benefits:

  • several integrated modules that are interlinked into one system;
  • embedded analytics and quick access to the data;
  • efficient distribution strategies (white labeling, multi-brand and more);
  • enforcing the collection of salient data;
  • automatic creation of activities for staff.

This CRM software for banks can be integrated with a virtual call center, leveraging the customer experience to boost business results.


SalesFundaa banking CRM software. It’s a convenient tool to manage business processes within the organization, as well as the relationships with clients. The software maintains all inquiry related to the banking products. It track and records activities, manages employees and customers relationships.

SalesFundaa banking CRM software

Main benefits:

  • maximizing up-selling and cross-selling;
  • tracking overall banking activity;
  • effective system of reminder and making appointments;
  • managing all customer invoices, enquiries and so on.

Sage CRM banking software

Sage CRM banking software is designed for banking sector and its main task is to direct sales teams toward the most profitable decisions. The software successfully centralizes customer data and is adaptable to unique business needs. It perfectly serves to understand real people’s interaction. Sage CRM enables for measuring marketing campaigns results immediately, without any delay.

Sage CRM banking software

Main benefits:

  • creating and controlling targeted campaigns;
  • quick conversion of prospects to customers;
  • providing customers with a self-service website for more convenient feedback;
  • instant 360 view of the sales processes;
  • easy-to-use analytical features.

Which banking CRM solution is the best for you?

All in all, any banking CRM software is a multipurpose system for maintaining relationships with customers and staff. Corporate banking CRM is coordinated with the help of certain organization’s tools and automated processes. But those software products that are developed to serve financial institutions are quite specific by their nature.

How to start

You can start with a free trial of any CRM for banking you’d prefer and evaluate all its advantages. All software products are easy to install and give a rapid return on investment.

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