5 Ways CRM System Boosts Sales for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

According to the Gartner report, the CRM market was estimated to reach $36 billion this year. It’s easy to understand such a massive demand, as worldwide sales managers already know the benefits of implementing a CRM system. How about you?

Customer Relationship Management allows organizations to store customer contact information, sales opportunities, accounts, and potential leads in one primary location. Nowadays, this central location takes place in the cloud and by 2018, 62% of CRM systems will be cloud-based.

But what can it actually do? CRM can support small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) and help them grow in customers and sales. Sales CRM is the best and most used tactic by 89% of companies in the US and even 66% of Australian organizations who adopted this system. Hence, let’s see all the ways it can help you develop a strong brand.

Improved Customer Service

Everything starts with consumers, and they are keen on getting a quality customer service. In fact, 59% of Americans would rather go to a competitor’s company for a better experience, while 78% customers bail on their intended purchase due to poor service. This is where CRM steps in to save the day and relationships with clients, which can be pricey to repair.

However, bpm’online sales resolves potential problems as soon as the customer contacts the service. How? By allowing the agents to quickly retrieve consumers’ past activities, preferences, and all of the data that can help them find the best solution.

After all, response speed and friendly assistance are what clients appreciate the most, and with their entire history and information in one spot, a company never makes the mistake of losing its regulars.

Better Decision Making

Another advantage of a sales CRM system is the safe storage of information in one place. This leads to better data analysis and reporting, which are the key to making better business decisions.

Seamless integration of CRM with different tools, applications, and other business systems grants you the ability to produce automatic reports and, therefore, save time while avoiding the risk of human error. In addition, the user-friendly dashboards allow you to rapidly access customer information, sales objectives, and performance reports.

Empowered by precise and immediate info, you can explore lucrative market opportunities you haven’t noted before. Plus, you can also use data to design powerful marketing campaigns that will definitely hit the target.

Increased Productivity

With more satisfied customers and automated processes that allow you to view all your previous conversations, emails, and a calendar comes increased productivity. This opens the doors to a more productive exchange of essential information across multiple departments, including sales, customer service and marketing.

With improved knowledge of sales, products and consumers, every team can get the right info as they work together toward fulfilling the ultimate goal – expanding the business operations.

Raise in Sales

We don’t call it sales CRM for nothing – all of the actions this powerful system provides lead toward increasing the overall revenue. One of the major benefits of an advanced CRM system is its accessibility via smartphones, which according to an Innoppl Technologies study helped 65% of sales representatives to achieve their sales quotas. Although it takes a little time to see the results, CRM systems are game-changers that provide steady growth in the long-run.

Minimized Costs

Costs are always the number one concern, but not with CRM. The system minimizes your expenses in two ways. Firstly, CRM software increases accuracy, followed by productivity and a better overall collaboration among teams and customers. With reduced errors, the costs are already cut in half.

Another CRM perk is the cloud-based environment. As everything is kept in a single environment in the cloud, you need minimal capital investment or a simple, affordable monthly fee to start using the software without any delay. It’s a win-win situation!


All in all, sales CRM boosts sales with numerous productive features that nurture SMB. Soon this system will become a necessity for all those who wish to surpass their competitors and increase their market share.

The software is constantly being upgraded in order to provide the best possible care to both customers and business owners. So exploit this beneficial opportunity and help your business prosper with an affordable, yet highly efficient CRM tool.

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