5 Sales CRM Solutions That Will Open up New Opportunities for Your Business

5 Sales CRM Solutions

Sales management software allows companies to automate sales processes and elaborate sales strategies based on tracked data. Salespersons may take advantage of such software to improve leads’ quality and quantity, whereas managers can get better sales reps’ accountability and reveal opportunities using reporting and analytics tools of the system. Successfully implemented and effectively operated, sales CRM software can boost your sales, improve relationships with your customers, reduce costs per sale and facilitate more precise forecasting.

Below you can find the list of advanced sales management systems that were tried out by thousands of users and received a greater number of positive appraisals from them compared to competitors.

№1 Bpm’online

Bpm’online Sales CRM

Being one of the leaders among online CRM systems, Bpm’online provides powerful tools to define your sales processes, track leads from their initiation to deals’ closure, manage marketing campaigns, generate sales forecasts and discover sales strategies. One of the main benefits of the solution is the possibility to take advantage of three products at once – sales management, customer service management and marketing automation modules, which add value to the functionality of each other.

Within bpm’online’s sales module the following functionality is offered:

  • Lead management
  • Workflow management
  • Field sales management
  • Sales forecasting
  • Mobile sales

A buyer can choose between team, e-commerce and enterprise editions of the solution.

The system is deployed as SaaS or on-premises. In both variations, users are able to access the system distantly from any web-browser or bpm’online mobile application.

Due to its capabilities and user-friendly interface, the solution is characterized by majority of its users as a robust and convenient tool to manage business processes. However, some bpm’online buyers stated that not all out-of-box processes of the software corresponded to their industry, so that additional customization was required.

№2 Pipeliner CRM

PipelineDeals Sales CRM

Pipeliner CRM is a powerful solution for sales and customer relationships management developed with the involvement of sales professionals. So, focusing on sales, it provides the following functionality for its users:

  • Customer accounts management tools which allow summarizing data on each customer (contacts, calls, activities, tasks, etc.) to increase sales processes’ efficiency.
  • Pipeline management tools which offer a variety of visual aids for qualifying a prospect to turn leads into opportunities.
  • The lead management module which tracks open/lost leads and allows creating new leads or importing them from *.csv files, as well as changing their ownership.
  • Task management tools which allow you to work with other members of your sales team – to share tasks, track activities, set reminders and alerts for activities and generate status reports on them.
  • In-depth reporting which allows using all benefits of tracking every step of the entire sales cycle management process by the system and provides sales managers with accurate and detailed reports to define the future sales strategy. Reporting tools include audits, timelines, goals, pipeline velocity, won and lost opportunities.
  • Integration capabilities which provide synchronization with such services as Google Apps, Dropbox, Office 365, Box.net and others. The solution also integrates with social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In total, Pipeliner CRM supports integration with more than 25 third-party applications.

Despite the diversity of Pipeliner CRM’s features listed above, some of its users find the solution’s functionality not enough for covering all their sales processes. Also, many users complain about a crippled version of the mobile version compared to the desktop one. At last, synchronization with other applications was an issue for some users from time to time.

№3 Nimble

Nimble Sales CRM

Nimble is an online sales management system intended for small and mid-size companies. The solution allows keeping track of all interactions with clients, including email correspondence and social networks activity.

Nimble offers the following functionality for sales teams:

  • Sales intelligence. Based on complete companies’ profiles, the system allows identifying contacts and companies to primarily connect with.
  • Pipeline management. The deal pipeline tool collects all activities related to a concrete deal (such as communications, events, tasks) to provide sales teams with a clear picture of opportunities.
  • Emails’ opens and clicks tracking. The system tracks opens and clicks of your messages by contacts and provides desktop notifications indicating the number of times of such actions.
  • Sales analytics and forecasting. Based on historical sales, the system projects revenue and informs about deals to pay attention to.

As for shortcomings of the software, its users point out the following ones:

  • Duplication of contacts and information about them in case if people have their accounts on several web services at the same time.
  • Eventual crashes of the solution’s Android application.
  • Slow work of the server from time to time.

№4 Velocify LeadManager

Velocify LeadManager

Velocify LeadManager offers cloud-based direct sales CRM software which is primarily intended for companies that contact their prospects by phone or email (insurance companies, mortgage brokers and so on).

The solution assists sales professionals in converting leads into clients through such distinctive features of the system as an intelligent sales dialer (featuring a click-to-call function, pre-recorded voice mails, etc.) and automated SMS and email sender, both of which allow sales departments to automate routine tasks and focus on the main goal – deals’ closing.

The software also provides the following additional functionality:

  • Workflow automation tools;
  • Lead routing and scoring capabilities;
  • Duplicate leads alerts;
  • Metrics monitoring and reporting

Velocify LeadManager’s users state the following drawbacks of the solution:

  • Complexity of the system’s functionality, which requires initial learning to use the application in the right way;
  • Not intuitive user interface;
  • Limited customization options.

№5 PipelineDeals


PipelineDeals delivers an online sales CRM toolkit that allows sales teams to manage contacts, track and qualify leads to convert them into deals. Users can send trackable emails to their contacts to be informed about messages opened, links clicked or attachments downloaded by prospects.

The software provides the following features:

  • Summarization of all information related to a concrete deal;
  • Daily pipeline snapshots;
  • Sales dashboards with visual charts;
  • Collaborative environment which allows eliminating duplicate efforts on the same deal;
  • The possibility of importing data from other systems with scanning for its duplication;
  • Mobile versions of the solution for Android and iOS.

The system allows synchronizing with MS Outlook, Google Apps and other email services.

The users of PipelineDeals claim that the solution is too simple (lacks some necessary features, such as proposal generation tools) and not suitable for all industries (e.g. manufacturing).

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